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Specially designed for coaches and consultants looking to scale up their online businessesand get over the $10K month mark fast and ethically.


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Created for coaches, consultants, and thought leaders that have reached an income ceiling and want to smash through the plateau.


Learn How To Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Lead Generation Machine.

In This Webinar You’ll Discover How To:

Become the go-to Expert in your Industry

Build An Audience Of Highly Committed Clients

Create High Quality Content That Converts

Turn your Audience into Paid Clients with ease


2500+ Testimonials from our clients

85K in 6.5 months

Carlos, I just realized I’ve made 85K CAD since we started together in 6.5 months!! That’s double farmer’s yearly salary!!!


1 day to go in my challenge and already 2 x Sales totaling 9K revenue! 63 registered 21 calls booked, THIS WAS EPIC

It is now OFFICIAL

That kind of post that I thought that I would have never written I MADE 40K in 30 days


It’s 10K in sales kinda day. $15.5K for the week and It’s only Tuesday.

$10K in under 6 weeks

Guys, I can’t believe it! I hit my first ever $10K goal in under 6 weeks!! So incredibly grateful to Carlos and this community!!!


Today I had a 100% conversion. +4 strategy sessions and +4 enrollments. Thanks so much, Carlos for all your support!

4x price increase

Did I share with you that I have increased my course fee from 1.997 CAD to 8.000 USD and another course from 1.997 CAD to 2.000 USD. And got 1 new client yesterday

4.5K this week

4.500 EUR in sales this week! On payment plans, still, It’s broken a drought! Feeling STOKED as I was about to say I was in the Red!)))

Autumn start

Let’s begin September with $5K !!! I’m so happy to be in this group LOVE IT! xx

First $12K sale

Carlos, I just sold my very first ever $12K/6 months package!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you and p1 as well!! You are always there for me when I need it and I really appreciate you!!

I gonna get drunkkkk!

Another 6.000 (the client send me a message I AM IN)!! This makes 14.300 in less than 24h and 31.000 in January….

WINS are not all about money

I’m just celebrating living my dream life, serving amazing clients, doing what I love, having amazing people around me!!!


First $ 5000-week last week. + 3 sales calls! +2 sales call from a challenge!!!

6,7,8 sales per week

Big THANKS to my man Carlos!! With his coaching Iэму just booked Sales call 6, 7, and 8 For the week!! Jump off the fence guys!)))

5x revenue increase

Very happy to share that yesterday I got 3 new enrollments within 24 hours even after I increased my course fee by 5x times!)))


March 2020 was my first $100K months. Mission accomplished!

Happy Monday

Let’s start the week with a 5KUSD DAY!!!

Not all about $$$

Massive thanks to the best coach Carlos! Setting an office – recruiting a 3rd team leader completing me and potential signed contracts with powerful directors here my dream MISSION BECOMING REAL

Broke another record))

Closed my 3rd client this month! That’s an 8.5K monzth!!! Broke 4 biz record in totals!!!

No IDEA what is happening.

I’ve got 3 “I AM IN” in less than 24 hour!! 14.3K today and 31K for the month!!!!

Another Monday

Signed up a $3.500 who paid deposit and got full payment from an existing client

From 0 to 6 figures

Who wants to know how I built coaching biz from 0 to 6 figures in 6 months only on Facebook? With No funnels NO website & NO biz cards


This week I’ll have 20-22 strategy sessions. Want to achieve $50K revenue achieve!!! The total money earned will be 50K

10K for 2 days

Happy to shared that I have booked 2 new clients for 10K each in the first 2 days of April. And one of my students booked 28 new clients for $200 each!))))

Inner Circle results

Having a great week. Just signed up a new client for 3.5K, first time paid in full!!!

6KUSD Monday

HUGE DAY AS I JUST HIT $100K since April 11th working with Carlos Adell!!! Let’s go guys!!!

First $10K

Just closed my first EVER $10K SALE! Believe in your value and your clients will do the same! Thank you Thank you Thank you Carlos!!! Wouldn’t have happened without our calls last week!!

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